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WGCL (CBS46) is devoted to making a difference in our community by partnering with nationally recognized and smaller non-profit charities.

We are dedicated to bringing key issues in our community to light to make a difference. It’s our mission to raise awareness through news stories, public service announcements, special programming, web, mobile and social media presence. Our award-winning journalists and staff strive to lend a helping hand…CBS46 CARES!

As of March 2015, we have put our forecast to a very public test by launching the 3 Degree Guarantee. Monday through Friday on CBS46 News at 11, we deliver your guaranteed forecast that includes the high temperature for the following day. The next day on CBS46 News at 6 we will compare our forecast high temperature to the actual high temperature. Each time our forecast high temperature is within three degrees of the actual high, CBS46 will donate $50 to a designated charity.

You can count on CBS46 for the most accurate forecast in Atlanta and we are the only station guaranteeing our forecasts. So watch CBS46 News at 11 and CBS46 News at 6 to see just how good our forecast can be. We'll track the proof of our accuracy, month by month below.

Are you buying or selling something to someone you've never met? Meet them in one of the "safe zones" below.