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April's Pollen

April 1 1,246 Moderate
April 2 1,217 Moderate
April 3 993 Moderate
April 4 4,667 Extreme
April 5 1,254 Moderate
April 6 1,495 Moderate
April 7 3,429 Extreme
April 8 798 Extreme
April 9 722 Extreme
April 10 328 Moderate
April 11 5,098 Extreme
April 12 5,354 Extreme

Pollen Tips

Keep your car and house windows closed; run the air conditioner (recycled setting) instead. Change or clean your air filters regularly.
Shower before going to bed or when you get home. Pollen can settle into your hair and onto your clothes and skin, so a shower will keep you from breathing in pollen all night.
Wash off indoor pets’ paws and wipe down their fur with a damp cloth or towel if they’ve been outdoors. Pets can easily track pollen into your home, leaving it on your carpets and furniture.
Avoid outdoor activities until early evening. Pollen counts tend to be highest in the mornings.
If you have outdoor plans, take your allergy medication before going out. Don’t wait until you have symptoms.
Follow Atlanta Allergy's pollen count and/or sign up to receive a daily email with the count and the pollen contributors. You may need to adjust your outdoor activities.
See your board certified allergist for a proper diagnosis of exactly what’s triggering your symptoms and a treatment plan specifically targeting those allergens.
Source: Atlanta Allergy & Asthma

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